PCBook - a booking system for PCs.

PCBook lets you restrict access to your PCs to specific users at specific times.


  • Easy to use booking interface
  • Lock machines down to only booked users, or leave the system open unless there are bookings
  • Integrates with Active Directory or works with standalone systems
  • Supports groups as well as individual user bookings
  • Reporting system to query workstation usage statistics

How it works

The server can be installed on either a Windows or Linux system and is configured through a web interface. The client software is a small Windows service that runs on each workstation. The client software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The full documentation is online or here in pdf format.

Also see the screenshots page.


Download the software and see what it does.

You can have a test system running in a few minutes - just run the server installer on one machine and the client installer on another, then point your web browser to the server.