Commodore 64 emulator for the GP2X

Frodo2x is the GP2X port of Christian Bauer's c64 emulator Frodo.

Frodo2x 0.9.9 download

Frodo2x 0.9.9 source code download

Demo movie of Frodo2x

Changes in 0.9.9

Changes in 0.9.8

Changes in 0.9.6

Changes in 0.9.3

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General information

Frodo2x can use d64 (disk) and t64 (tape) images, plain .prg files, and native directories. Zipped images are also now supported. Disk images can be written to, but not zipped disk images.

Snapshots are saved to the c64/snapshots folder and can be loaded like any other file.

Use the left shoulder button to open and close the virtual keyboard. If it's in the way of what you're typing use the bar at the top to drag it around.

See the README included in the archive for more details