gp32 Frodo

Frodo is a portable C=64 emulator written by Christian Bauer. This GP32 port includes sound and graphics rendering code by Groepaz, and uses Sasq's pogo lib. Thanks to Mr Spiv for LCD code, advice and chatboard drivers, and to Yado for testing.

Download: beta12

Now with Chatboard support.


Get your Chatboard from gbax.com.

There's now a separate build with the fix for the newer blu+ displays. Thanks to Majick for contributing the fix.

Recent changes



Flak's kindly written some detailed documentation available here.

screenshot After launching the frodo.fxe file you get the standard c64 startup screen. Press the start button to toggle the options menu on and off. When you've selected a d64 file to attach, press select to load the first file on it.

screenshot The joypad acts as the joystick, selectable between ports 1 and 2. Button A is fire, B is space. Press the left shoulder button to activate the virtual keyboard. Using the bar at the top you can drag it around the screen.

screenshot Grab some d64 files from www.c64unlimited.net or c64games.de.